The Principals of TriStar have been investing in core and value-add real estate since 1995.  We have invested in a broad spectrum of property classes at opportune timing in the market cycles for European and American investors.  In 2013, the principals formed TriStar Real Estate Investment as an investment platform for American and German fund and direct investments in American commercial real estate.

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The TriStar Team came together in the fall of 2013 with aspirations of applying our diverse and deep industry experience to invest, operate, and successfully dispose of commercial real estate in a timely fashion.  We are return focused in a value add world.

The key components of our mission are Trust, Transparency, and Timing​.

TRUST.  We build trust with our clients because we can demonstrate market experience, deliver consistent results, and maintain integrity, making good on promises. Our 53 years of combined experience with over $1 billion in transactions, asset management, and fund experience lend confidence to our clients.

TRANSPARENCY.  Our effective and consistent communication delivers accurate information whether the news is good or bad. We grasp the realities of the market, study the directions to be taken, and proactively consult with clients so they can clearly see our performance.

TIMING.  We correlate the life of every investment with the dynamics of a market cycle. Our obligation is to pick the best time to buy and the optimal time to sell or refinance to meet our investor objectives. We enter every investment with multiple exit strategies.